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Seidel Gamber, PLLC offers our business clients comprehensive services with all legal aspects of their business, from entity formation to on-going compliance and operation, through eventual business succession, sale or dissolution.

The first step in proper business planning, procedurally speaking, is to determine the “choice of entity” which best suits that particular business. There are several options to choose from, each of which generates unique legal and tax consequences, including a corporation (C-corp or S-corp, for-profit or nonprofit), a limited liability company (LLC), a partnership (general or limited), or a professional organization.

Once the choice of entity is made, Seidel Gamber, PLLC will prepare all requisite documents including articles of incorporation or organization, bylaws, operating agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder or buy-sell agreements, and minutes of meetings of directors, officers, and members. In addition, we will draft and review contracts, leases, employment agreements, and other documents to help our clients’ business remain in compliance, and protect our clients from unnecessary liability. Ultimately, we will advise and plan for the inevitable succession, sale, or dissolution of the business (“business succession”).

Business Succession planning is the process of determining how to best transfer business ownership and/or transfer a business management role, while maximizing personal financial security. The goals are to stabilize the business, facilitate the transfer of the business in accordance with the owner’s wishes, minimize estate taxes and expenses, maximize wealth passed on to the business owner or their family, and provide a retirement and income stream for the business owner.

Basic business exit options may include: (1) passing the business to family members; (2) selling the business to employees through buy-sell or similar agreements; (3) selling the business to a third party; (4) key person insurance through cross purchase agreements, entity purchase agreements, or life insurance trusts; or, (5) simply and efficiently winding down the business.

Seidel Gamber, PLLC will provide a free initial consultation to help you understand your business options and needs. To set up your free consultation, please call us at 919.237.3405 or e-mail us at [email protected].


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